Coral stinging, can you explain this?


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Can someone explain how these reefers are able to keep all these corals in such CLOSE proximity & not have them sting? Below is a list of all my stinging experience & I am sure I missed some. I am happy to say that my pink hammer & green frogspawn are getting along & not stinging. I hear they are hit & miss.

What is the secret?





-Anthias stung Xenia.

-Pink hammer stung hydnophora & it RTN'd some but revoring now.

-Green tip orange birdsnest stung purple digitata.

-Favia stinging my orange zoas.

-Hydnophora stung my purple sytlo.

-Green monti cap stung my orange setosa.

-My pink hammer & green torch tag team stung my purple monti cap.

-Purple monti dig growing on top of & encrusting base of green monti dig.

-GSP making blue palys retract.

-Green Pavona cactus stinging my green monti cap.

-Octo stung calm & it retracted.

-In the past my hollywood stunner stung my acan & it RIP'd. Sunner was bannished to corner of the tank since then.

-Mini maxi jet stung Kelly Green Psammocora.

Crooked Reef

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Careful placement in relation to flow. Sweeper tentacles cant sting what they dont touch. Also running carbon will help prevent/remove allelopathic substances.