Coral Trouble...need help

RaiderFan in NY

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My frogspawn seems like it's getting eaten. And my star polyps aren't opening fully. My inhabitants are...

1) Coral Beauty

2) Ocellaris Clowns (2)

3) Yellow Tang

4) flasher Wrasse

5) Cleaner Shrimp

my CUC wouldn't bother it would it? the only thing I've added is some turbo snails, a candy cane and zoanthids since the frogspawn was introduced. However I have found a hitchiking seastar that's small and white. Could he be doing the damage? And what could be causing the star polyps not to open? Will the frogspawn regenerate what's been eaten? I need help. don't know what to do. Thanks in advance


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My guess would be the Coral Beauty. Angels have been known to nip at corals.

The stars sound like Asterina stars. I've got hundreds of them, no problems, although I think there are some species that can cause problems. Not sure though, like I said, the one's in my tank don't cause any trouble.

Back when I had GSP in my tank, it would close up some times, for no apparent reason, for anywhere from a couple of days, to a couple of weeks. Then all of a sudden be back out again.

Can you get a picture of the Frogspawn?

RaiderFan in NY

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not sure what the parameters are, i've been away for a couple of days. they should be fine, they were fine last week. i think my phosphate is a little high but all else was ok

RaiderFan in NY

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m father is visiting from florida and he watches the tank a lot and doesn't see the fish picking at the coral. which makes me believe that it's the seastar.


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Params could be out of whack, very easily: if your magnesium depletes, both alk and cal will plummet into the red zone within a very short time, even overnight.
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But my money is on the coral beauty. They don't hold up banners saying "My next nip will include a piece of coral." The action looks quite normal for them.