Coralife 24" aqualight for sale


In Memoriam

I have a about 9 months old Coralife Aqualight which is
24" long with 1-65 watt Actinic and 1-65 watt 10,000k, total of 130 watts. It's in very, very good shape. I'm think about selling it for $35. I don't have pics of it, you pretty much can see them in every auarium store now a days. I'm in N. Phx but will be in Tempe, Mesa and Chadler area. So if you want it, I could deliver to you tomorrow(Saturday). Although you have to pm me before 10:30am. Thanks.

PS: Prefer cash only and if you don't like what you see, you don't have to buy it. It's in very good shape.