Coralife Pro Fixture, replacement bulb question


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Trying to find replacement bulbs for the CFL part of the light fixture. I was wondering if this would be an equivalent substitute for the coralife bulb...
UVL 96 Watt Super Actinic Power Compact Square Pin (420nm)

I believe the current bulb is this Actinic 03 Blue 33/34"

In this 48" fixture...



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Yes, these would be compatible replacements. The Coralife Actinic 03 and the 420nm from BRS are the same wavelength. I would double check the pin configuration - PCs come in square-pin and straight-pin configurations. Other than this, two different brand bulbs with the same wattage and wavelength can generally be considered to be "equivalent" to each other. Some brands are better quality than others. Unfortunately, I have no experience with the BRS light, so I can't comment on that.