Corallife Super skimmer


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For some reason my skimmer has decided to start popping my GFCI. Could there be something wrong with my pump on the skimmer? if so does anyone know of any replacement pumps for the CSS 125?
This may be a dumb question but are yoo sure that it is your skimmer pump?? Anything else on the same circuit?? as for the pump I would imagine that coralife has a tech support website.
try unplugging everything else from the GFCI, and only plugging in the skimmer.

what kind of gfci is it?
The only way I can think of this to happen is if water is inside the motor somehow. I would suggest doing some more tests to confirm that its the skimmer motor. A GFCI tests for current leaking to ground, which is different from current leaking to the neutral which would trip a breaker. By poppying, do you mean having to reset the GFCI button, or resetting the breaker in the panel? Is there any other way moisture could be getting into something else plugged into the GFCI receptacle?

I believe MaxiJet is most popular for those skimmers. I think the 1200 is the right size, iirc.

A lot of people replaced their original pump with a Gen-x 2400 needle wheel. I was thinking about doing it.
It only trips the GFCI it did this after the lights switched off, its running now only because I ran an extension cord from across the room to power it.
they do have good customer service. they replaced a part on my Coralife aqualight deluxe that my cat broke from jumping on top of the tank. They didn't charge me a cent.