Corals and fish sale


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Whats up everyone! I am in the process of moving, and i'm going to try my luck at a fowlr tank. So, all my coral and some fish are up for grabs. Here's a list:
---corals---- call or text sam@ (915)373-1804--------------------
red blastomussa 5/6 heads- $50
acan 12 heads/ 1 blue ricordea on a baseball sized rock-$50
candy cane 25/30 heads-$40
devils hand medium-$20
green toadstool leather-$25
orange yuma-$35 red mini maxi anemone-$40 duncan 3 head-$30
branching frogspawn-$50 2 small acans 6 heads- $40
worm brain-$30 5 inch derasa clam-$60
----fish---- call or text sam@ (915)373-1804-------------------
purple dottyback(pseudochromis) $15
pair of banggai cardinals-$40
lawnmower blenny -$20 6 pink damselfish