corals and live rock for sale


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I have for sale about 100# of live rock some fiji some tonga it is all for sale at $3 pr. pound.

Also alot of corals. including a L/T anemone and a saddleback pair. Most of this stuff is going to be best offer.

These are all from Jedistephen's tank. Please dont ask why just know that all of the stuff needs to go by next saturday.



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I will not ask why But I will say I hope all is ok with him. I have not met him in person but have emiled him back and forth a few times and he seems like a great guy.So I hope if anything is going on it will all work out great for him and he will be back reefing soon. Good luck Scott


'ignoramus maximus'
couple updates!
1) I dont believe that there are any ricordea available.
2) The rock is available first come first serve.
3) saddlebacks for $40 with the anemone id really like to sell as a set.

All whom are interested we will meet at jedi's house on tuesday 3/14/2006 at appx 4:30
If you know where he lives PLEASE DO NOT STOP BY .. nothing is being sold before that.


there are multiple LPS corals euphyllia colonies, turbinaria colonies, porities, montipora, some leathers and shrooms, button polyps, yellow polyps. all of the corals are very nice. There are about 5 crocea clams Id like to get kim about $50 each but the best offer gets one. again this is first come first serve.
some things are gone
GSP's, blue milleopora, carolyniata, sargassum trigger.
the tank , stand , canopy , sump are all for sale. $1000 gets it.

thanks for all of your concerns I will pass along the prayers and thoughts to stephen and his family.

I will post the address tomorrow night.


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Sorry to hear about it. I wish my best. If my Overflow isn't already gone I would like it back. I would also be intereated in being there for the coral swap.



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brian.. do you still have the blue milly or any of you sps colonies left...well you kno i will help you out in gettin rid of you stuff..just let me know what you have and how much..


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blue milleopora / prostrata is gone ... this was payment to me for helping to get rid of everything.

There are sps colonies available .. tuesday at 4:30 be there.

scott thanks! The overflow is not there the tank is reef ready and alot of the stuff there is for the 180.

Thanks to eveyone for the concern and thoughts.
Brian and the platania family


'ignoramus maximus'
ok for the record I seem to be getting alot of hits for the blue milleopora ... this piece is not for sale ... If you are looking for some I highly recomend steve helinski's blue mille it is much nicer and he has some available im sure...

The official address is 423 Pullman ave .
from 104 westbound go ridge rd. to dewey ave.
Left on dewey ave.
3 or 4 blocks on the Right is pullman avenue.
Right onto pullman ave about 1/2 way up the street on the left is his house. #423

Thanks to everyone for the concern I talked to the jedi this AM and thanks all of you!

some deals worked out
2 crocea clams -2 for $60
Saddleback clowns and anemone (L/T) - $40(spoken for I think)
72 gallon bowfront - sold
Lifereef skimmer flanged - $250
MRC calcium reactor with blueline regulator and CO2 tank -$350 takes it.

best reasonable offer accepted.