Corals closing up?


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Do your LPS corals tend to close up at night? I assume that they would, but (let's assume it's a tank without LED/night light setups), i'm curious. Do they stay open or close up at night?

To me it would make sense that they close, as they're photosynthetic, but I thought id ask the LPS experts.


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well, it depends on the species. hammer, ancora will partially open. bubble will change into feeding form with tentacles (they do close up a little bit during the night). open brain, lobo will extend their feeding tentacles out at night. frogspawn is like ancora. Torch is actually open up more at night (mine is anyway). favia, maze coral will have small tentacles and their body will expand a little bit. as for other, i do not have experience with. but you should see some activities from them at night. they should not completely close up all the time.