Corals Encyclopedia Book


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Guys I am searching to buy a good and informative with alot of pictures Encyclopedia Soft Corals Book.

Can someone help me please ?


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a good coral book is Julian Sprung's - Corals A Quick Refrence Guide


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The book is above is a pretty good one, but is more of just a quick reference, meaning it doesn't go into a lot of detail. If you do want detail, I highly suggest Aquarium Corals by Eric Borneman, which I think is the best book on corals and reef care you can buy.


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I think both are books of mixed corals I mean soft and hard corals.
I wish to buy a book of only Soft corals so it will focuse more on them and give more details.

Do you know any book guys?

Also how are the above books, I mean each coral has a picture and underneath some info right ? And in a page there is only 1 coral or more ?



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I prefer Borneman's book - but both have fairly good info on captive care [Sprung uses #'s for stuff ... which I tend not to prefer].


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The best book for identification is Corals of the World by Veron

If you are looking for how to take care of the coral, you can use the other 2 books mentioned or the forums on Reef Central.

Sprung's book is good for quick indentification and a number system grid of how to take care of things.

Borneman's book is the best all around book for how to take care of corals.

Since no one book has all the info, or pictures that look like every critter in your tank, I find myself referring to all 3 books from time to time.

Best of luck,