Corals for sale and small amount of totally encrusted Premium Tonga Branch live rock


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I have these items for sale:

Xenia ($10)

Pulsing sinularia ($10 mounted) Bali Green Slimer ($10 mounted)

2 types of sponges ($10) /each

Feather Dusters ($10)

Another type of xenia ($10)

I also have a couple of pounds of Premium Tonga Branch rock totally encrusted with purple coraline (with or without corals on it) $6/lb. Old picture of some of my rock.

(Please remember, Premium tonga branch rock is very expensive to purchase.)

With purchase I can give Chaeto and Kenya tree coral.

Patchogue pickup

Please PM me for any questions

Thank you.
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Please note that I have am trimming my tank, so I am selling frags of the items listed and not large coral pieces.


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>>really how expensive is it on LI? around here that's what i pay in stores.<

Not for tonga branch rock fully encrusted. Check it out. Such as CC and Long Island Reef. Mine, is sitting in my display tank, so it's fully cured.

However, if you can find it cheaper, please do.