Corals for Sale


Team RC
Corals for sale, pick up is in Garden Grove. All corals must be picked up by Tuesday 11-23-21. I can bring the corals out to you in our driveway or since my wife and I have been vaccinated we can allow a limited number of people into our home with masks. I will hold corals in the order I receive your PM or text me if you already have my phone number


1.Clove Polyps on a rock $15 SOLD


21.Pink Cadillac $20 SOLD

22.Pink Cadillac $15

23.Red Octopus (RR USA) $20 SOLD

24.Red Octopus $20 SOLD

25.Sleeping Beauty $20 SOLD

26.Sleeping Beauty $25

27.Sleeping Beauty $25


31.Red Robin $15

32.Red Robin $10

33.Red Robin $15 SOLD

34.Neon Pink Setosa $15 SOLD

35.Turquoise Fire Digitata $10

36.Turquoise Fire Digitata $10 SOLD

37.Turquoise Fire Digitata $15 SOLD

38.Slimeball $10

39.Slimeball $10 SOLD


40.Blueberry Fields $10 SOLD

41.Dragon Eyes $5 SOLD

42.Dragon Eyes $10 SOLD

43.Frogskin $10

44.Dragon Eyes $10 SOLD

45.Blueberry Fields $10 SOLD

46.Large Polyp Purple Gorgonian (photosynthetic) $5 SOLD

47.Neon Green Bird's Nest $10 SOLD

48.Deep Red $10 SOLD

49.Neon Green Bird's Nest $10 SOLD


51.Pink Floyd $15 SOLD

52.Miami Orchid $10 SOLD

53.Miami Orchid $10 SOLD

54.Large Polyp Purple Gorgonian (photosynthetic) $10 SOLD

55.Teal Cotton Candy $10 SOLD


60.Green/Red/Purple Favia $20

61.Green Implosion (3 polyps) $10

62.Emerald Sunrise (3 P) $20

63.King Midas (4 P) $10

64.King Midas (2 P) $5

65.Acans $25

66.Green/Red/Purple Favia $25 SOLD

67.Superman Mushroom $5 SOLD

68.King Midas (5 P) $10

69.Mind Blowing Palys (4P) $10

70.King Midas (8 P) $15

71.Acans $20

72.Emerald Sunrise (2 P) $15 SOLD

73.Captain America (9 P on a rock) $20
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