Corals for sale


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Got a few for PU or Fragfest delivery possible. Palys first. Brown proto palys, some with a greenish hint. Owned for well over a year, long lashes and large polyps(nickel+), 100ish polyps mounted on a rock. $30.

Hunter green proto palys, 50ish mounted on a rock(nickel +) for $20.

Next is a Fungia(plate coral), just run outta realestate in the tank. Not looking great now, but was fine before light problems on vaccation. 2nd pic is of other (same type) in other tank. Green with red base and yellow mouth. Asking $15.


Frogspawn. Think it is 4 heads, may adjust price and head count after lights out. $30.

And finally an Australian spider sponge for $15.

. Trades welcome for small frags(SPS or zoa/palys/ and snails). Can PU in Rockford, or possible fragfesat meetup. Thanks for looking.


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I am interested in the spider sponge and frog spawn if I can pick up at the fragfest. I will be working part of the time at the fest.


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Adding a few. Up to 6 polyps of these for $8 per.

Up to 6 polyps of these for $8 per

Up to 20 polyps of these for $8 per

Up to 3 polyps of these for $10 per

Trades for coral/Rodi/Carbon and GFO/ and GBTA with purple base are interests.


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1 week left. Price drop on the palys to $20 for 100, and $10 for the 50. Need the room. Great for beginers or new tanks.
Price drop on the $8 per polyps to $6 per polyp.
Purple deaths still $10 per.
Plate coral is looking much better in the other tank. Will post new pics Sunday. Still $15 for the 4" Fungia.
PM with any ? or extra pics.


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OK folks, I need to move these 2, so going cheaper. The 100 Brown palys are now $15, and the 50 Hunter green palys are now $10. Instant colonies for cheap, and live rocks they are mounted on aren't dinky. You will never find a better deal(then maybe free). The browns are one of my favorites, but I have fragged a few to keep.
Here is a new pic of the Plate(Fungia).

Still not full extension, but looking much better. Keeping it at $15 as I have the room in the tank he's in now. Very good price for a very nice coral that can actually eat from a pair of tweezers.
The zoos I'm dropping to $5 per head, but I don't need to sell. Just looking to spread diversity.
The Purple Deaths are off the board. Noone wanted them at $10, and I've only 12 polyps, so keeping them all.
I'll still be offering limited amounts of cheato for free(offered to those who buy 1st)
The zoos($5/per) are NOT fragged yet, and if no one wants by WEDNESDAY, they are off the board(need a few days healing).
Thanks all for looking, and I hope you all enjoy the Fragfest.


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I would like 5 heads at 5$ a piece of the blueish with red skirt ones..
I will take the hunter green palys for 10$
Also interested in the plate coral but have never had one. any special requirements.. how will it handle not being in a tank for a whole day?]
Cheeto is always welcome.

but will need to pick up at frag fest


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<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=14799161#post14799161 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by newreefer2
I am interested in the spider sponge and frog spawn if I can pick up at the fragfest. I will be working part of the time at the fest.
If it isn't already spoken for I'll tank the plate coral for $15.


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Sharynmarie = PM sent.
Carl , if they pass on the plate, its yours. Need any cheato?? Gonna send you a PM with contact info.


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Hunter green Palys
Plate coral
SOLD to Sharynmarie.
I'm fragging zoas tomorrow, so please reply by then(4:30 PM Central) , no more fragged sales after.
Thanks and happy reefing.