Corals not opening?

All Delight

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The last couple of days my green toadstool and GSP haven't opened up. They've been great since day 1 which was about 2 months ago. The only thing I've changed was adding a flame angel about a week ago. Everything else in my tank is doing fine. Zoos and yumas are great. Just the GSP and toadstool are opening up.

I've read where the toadstool sheds and doesn't open for a few days, but I dont see anything sheding.

I figure that the GSP is pretty hardy and if my water conditions were going south, my rics would show bad signs first.

Any opinions?
Did you notice the flame angel picking at them? They are known to pick at corals on occasion. Sometimes they just close up for a while. I would check your water parameters. I noticed that an elevated pH bothers my softies.
I've watched the flame, and he doesn't pick at those corals. He likes picking at my clam though. My PH is stable at 8.0.