Corals on Sale at PR


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will you buy?

I’ve bought from the display before, if price is right there is no reason why I wouldn’t again. The key being price is right. I've had my eye on a scoli in the display for awhile but price was a bit out of my range. But its a general question so weather I buy or not should have anything to do with it.


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Is there a pac reef in fountain valley too? The one on lincoln usually have 3/99 corals and items in their display tank which are not marked. their 3/99 corals usually don't look too healthy though....


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The Torrance store is open, but I haven't had a chance to stop by yet. I saw when it was being built, and it looked like a nice setup.


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Gemini, it's a branching frogspawn - changes colors depending on light. usually brown with green tint and pinkish tip under 250 10k metal halide. Got it from Nicole. Also, my Panny camcorder gives it a tint so while it's purpleish in real life under 50/50 PC (condition when pix was taken) , it's not as intense as what you see in the pix.


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It looked like this in my tank under PC's: