corner flo plumbing


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hello first time poster/ first time saltwater aquarium owner

got a couple questions in regards to plumbing (I've never plumb anything in my life lol)

1) i have a corner flo came with overflow and return piping both being 1 1/2 " i plan on doing nylon tubing from brs does the tubing need to be 1 1/2" aswell?

2) can i do a ball valve with nylon tubing?

any advice aswell will be well appreciated :deadhorse1::deadhorse1:

Mark Bianco

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Your drain or return lines to the tank are 1.5"???

Anyways. Here are a few tips.

1. Drain lines even 1.5" can have ball valves just buy ones that have threaded ends and go to the pond section of Lowels or Home Depot and buy threaded to hose adaptors.
2. Never downsize the drains.
3. Never try to adjust flow by using ball valves on the drains.
4. Check valve in a return line fail. Do not trust them.

Return lines.

1. Most tanks are designed to have good flow using the supplied piping, size it accordingly.
2. Use a ball valve to adjust flow.

Hope that answers the questions.



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On my corner flo 150 tall I used both standpipes for drains and yea both are 1.5". For return I ran a line from red dragon 3.5 pump to center brace mounted dual outlet spout. Works great. I also have screens on the durso entry so snails can't enter. I ran dual just incase one gets clogged.


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Corner-flo usually has one bulkhead larger than the other, with the larger bulkead for the drain and the smaller one for the return. I have both the Marineland Cornerflo and the AGA Megaflow.

Anyhow, you should use the same size tubing as the overflow pipes/bulkheads, never less. Unless you have a fully open emergency drain, like in Beanimal/Herbie style, never valve a drain line. You are a set up for a flood otherwise. But in direct answer to your question, yes, you can attach a ball valve or even a gate valve to a nylon tubing. You just have to get barb attachments to each end.


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my sump has 2 holes for the filter socks...if i use nylon am i going to have to put a T directly from the drain pipe?

also, my pump is only about 3/4 of a inch am i gonna have to buy smaller nylon and buy a connecter to the 1.5" nylon?