Could this be a clam(sorry no pic)


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I found what I think to be a clam in my tank today. It must have fell out of my rock from somewhere because it was just laying on top of the substrate. It is about 1/4 in. round and is shaped just like a clam. It looks like it is shut but I took it out and tried to seperate it and opened it just enough to see some goo inside. I hope I didn't hurt it. I placed it as high as I could to get it close to my little 20W NO light. Within the last hour it has fallen over and it looks like it opened up a little. I fit is not a clam then what could it be? I wish I had a camera to show everyone. Thanks for any help?
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Well does it look like a tridacna clam that you have seen pics of?

And if you opened it wide enough to see the "goo" inside, I'm sure you killed it.... I doubt it was a tridacna, but a filter feeder... Most likely some sort of mollusk...

Finding a tridacna in your tank that came with live rock would be the greatest gift I'd ever receive:cool: