Couple Corals for sale


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Need to make some room in the tank.
I've got a fairly large piece of this Poccilipora, I think that's what you call it. About 6" across.
I think I paid $30 for it when it was about 1/2 this size. Asking $35. I've got a few babies from it around my tank.


Frag of this Nana - about 2" encrusted on a small rock. Comes with a Bonus piece of Orange Cap growing off of one of the branches. $25


Orange - Green with Purple Rim - & Purple Cap Frags - $10 - $20 depending on size of frag.

One or Two Efflo Frags - Looking good, no great color, they are sitting on the bottom of my tank, but very healthy. $35

Lots of Digitata Frags, mostly brown with purple tips. $5 or $10 depending. Small amount of Green also.

Mushrooms - Blue/Purple - Cheap.

Probably a couple of others not mentioned.



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Saw that you are so close to me so am just wondering do you have any Lps/ Soft corals for sale? Ric's by any chance? Just going out on a limb looking to maybe get lucky. Thanks


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No Rics, I do have a small Leather, nice shape. The mother colony was spectacular in it's time. As I said, lots of Mushrooms. I do have some nice Torch coral, but I dont want to sell it.

Marcelo, I'm home a lot more now that summer is over. Sundays are always good. I'll hold some for you.

Glenn, what goes around comes around. I'll set you up good. It's not your Nana, but I can give you some of that also if you want. Oh, and it's not an Orange Green Cap. It's Orange Cap, & Green with purple rim, And Purple Cap.

I've got some Elkhorn also and some other Acros.


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funny how that happens LOL I will take the green with purple rim cap the purple nana with the orange cap on it and maybe something else when I get there. what time on sunday is good for me to stop by
thanks glenn


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I'm going down to AC for a Bachelor Party Saturday:) I will be home on Sunday before Noon. Anytime after that should be good. I may be a little hungover.

242 Hance Road - Fair Haven.


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Big Boy, your Mailbox is Full.

I'm off Exit 109 GSP (Red Bank). About 4 miles off Parkway Heading East.


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Rev, yes I will be around tomorrow - Friday. Let me know if you want to stop by.

For everyone else, Sunday is looking good. Try to stop by anytime after 12:00.

I made a nice Blue Millie Frag.

I really want someone to take the Poccilipora. It's a nice piece. Nice green shimmer to it. Good for someone with an open space big enough for it.



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Cool THANKS Hef,

what time would be best, I also need to make sure Tom is home, he wants that Nana, BAD!, LOL. I'll see if he can roll with me.


By the way, do you still want the guitar?


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Couple new Photos.
All photos taken under Actinic only. Makes all the colors pleasing to the eye if you know what I mean.



Elkhorn - I'll sell the whole piece if anyone wants it, I also have frags of it around. This coral is very Fragile. If you took the whole piece it would probably break into a couple of pieces.

Blue Millie - I would rather hold this one in my tank until it encrusts onto the plug. This is a very nice coral. I may make more frags from the colony.


And finally here is a nice frag, not sure what it is, bottlebrush of some sort.