Couple of Great Damsels for Trade or Sale


New member
I have a couple of colorful damsels that are in desperate need of a new home. The first is a Talbot's that is exceptionally pink compared to most. She is about 1.5 inches and is non-agressive. The other is an aszure that is slightly smaller with nice colors. These have both been in my system for 6 months to a year with no disease, concerns, etc..

I will sell them for $5 each if I need to, but would prefer to trade for SMALL frags for my 2.5G nano. I would really like a white pom-pom xenia (not the thin bar stuff that spreads like Paris when a camera comes out). Red, bright orange or other non-brown/green zoos are good. Colorful shrooms are good. I'm open to others as well. I can kick in cash for the right frag(s).

I would much rather go to bed than resize pics now. Let me know if you need some and I will email them to you.