Cowfish reef safe?


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I understand that cowfish are trunkfish and may release toxins when stressed.

But do they nip at any corals? (considering for a softie/gorgonian tank.)

Would they be compatible with a longnose hawkfish?


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good afternoon tony, i think you'll be fine as cowfish might snack on shrimps and the sort otherwise the softies should be fine along with the hawkfish, good luck and keep us posted.

Jeffrey Porter

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they should be fine with corals. i have never seen them pick on any corals at work, but then again they are in a huge tank.


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I think cow fish are so cute. I would like to put one in my bofriends reef tank too. I just have heard its too risky etc. Not sure.. still learning so much about this hobby. Cant get enough!


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i know - they look like cartoon characters!

diving with them is fun. i've been around some that are pretty fearless.

they seem so curious. (but maybe it's just those big dopey eyes and the puckered look. ;-)