cpr backpac skimmer.. recir?


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ive been looking over the many plans for DIY skimmers here and i was looking at the back of my CPR and wondering.. why couldnt i make it a recir by adding say a mj900 id do this by drilling/tapping the holes and using bulkheads etc to attach it.


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CPR may sell the square collection cups that come on many of their items. then you would just need to glue in a piece of acrylic. Add a Maxjet and some tubing...


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I have one too and wonder if you might be on to something for smaller tanks. You could feed it with a MJ 400 and recirc the 1200 using a couple uniseals and some scrap PVC...
Not sure it's worth the effort but it could be done for <$10 though if you have an extra MJ laying around. Might be a snowy day project. It definately wouldn't hurt anything even if it didn't work out for me.