CPR Bakpak 2R

In answer to your question... No it is defitely not to much but if your considering a HOB skimmer definitely get a remora. I ran the 2R on a 12 gallon before upgrading to the remora because the CPR was basically junk. If you've ever seen one of these things try to produce skimate its hilarious. Every couple seconds the downpipe farts out some bubbles that rise to the cup and they call this a skimmer. If you have ever seen a remora work there's no wondering if its doing its job.

I wouldnt recommend going the CPR route although either skimmer would be just fine on your size tank.

If your set on the 2R I have one in excellent condition that I'll sell to you. Just shoot me a PM and we'll talk.


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I had a CPR 2R with an 800 Rio on a 40G reef w/ a 20G sump/fuge and it worked excellent. I also have a remora and I agree, there's really no comparison, however, I was very happy with the 2R and will use is again on my in-process nano.


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Buy his BakPak cheap ;) .

I've been using one on and off for several years and have no complaints about it's skimming ability. Also, if you put a muffler on the air intake and use the stock Rio 600 RVT it's a very quiet skimmer.

I've never used a Remora but I understand they're pretty loud ??