CPR Hang-On Refugiums


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I have a 30 gallon sumo unfortunately with my skimmer and return pumps there is no room for a refugium. So, I am considering a hang-on from CPR.

My question is how do these hang-on, is there simply an acrylic overhang or what.

I ask becasue I have two overflows on my AGA tank, and I am not interested unless I can mount this on the back of the tank.

Can someone explain to me how the mount on the tank and if they think my overflows will be in the way???
I had one,they simply hang on back of tank like their skimmer does. A rio 400 is in tank and pumps water into fuge and then slowly spills over baffles back in to tank via return pipe.
You must constantly make sure the intake is not clogged or water will fill fuge and spill over onto your floor.Thats why I say I had one. A turbo snail and some caluepra did just that to mine.
See that is what I am worried about right now I have a pretty leak proof system, I fear adding something like this could take me back to the old days, when I would flood something once a month.
Do you find your 30 gallon sump safe(flood proof) for your 120?
How do you like the dual overflows are they the mega flows?
Yeah its plenty, I keep a ASM G-3 under the stand. Everything is self contained, I can even put a lot of extra water in the tank if I am going to be gone for a couple days, and even when my wife stops the pumps to feed it still has the capacity with out overflowing.

I did buy the overflow kits from AGA, I know they are a little pricey, but I had DIY kits 1st, when I moved I went the AGA kit (NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENCE) there are so much easier to handle, and leak proof.

So, I have the tank up and running at my new house for 10 months and no spills yet.


Here is a pic of the tank!!
The dual overflows are nice, I am not sure how much they actually pull from the bottom, but they are self contained and look a lot nicer than others I have seen. The tank was like 500, and for that price I considered it to be the best deal out there. I don't care for glasscages custoemr service or I probably would have bought from them.

I got my sump from aquauniverse.com, although I wouldn't buy again, it was way to expensive and the skimmer they give you in the package is crap, and the refugium supplied is useless because if you use it there is no room for the skimmer and return pump.

I would buy a 30 gallon aquarium for 40 bucks and make one with acrylic inserts.

Just my ..02 cents
Yeah, I think you would be fine. your not going to get the large water volume you may want, but it is not always practical to have that.

As long, as you buy a nice skimmer ASM G-3 (250 bucks) is a pretty nice model for a reasonable price. The water volume shouldn't be an issue.

However I will say this, with a smaller sump get ready to be putting water in your tank everyday. I have to put water in the tank everyday, especially when I run the fan over the top in the summer.
Nothing is flood proof unless constructed inside your bathtub. And then the tub drain could backup and still flood the bathroom.
I can't even count how many times I have let the ro unit overflow a bucket when making water.
Oh the aqua fuge will definitely flood, I had it happen.
A turbo snail and some calepra made its way over baffle and into the outlet pipe causing the water to fill up and spill over