Crack between holes


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I just discovered a crack between my two bulkheads when looking in my overflow box. It's not leaking, how big of an issue is this? DO I need a new tank? It is a 45 gal tank 24x24x18. The glass is 3/8" thick.


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First off if this is my tank I would be very nervous.

The amount of pressure on the crack will vary based on the water depth in the tank. I.E. Near the top is less, at the bottom is more.

I would think that it is just a matter of time before it gives. Another way to look at it is how much will a new tank cost vs. how much will 40 gallons of water damage and livestock loss cost?

I would get a new tank.


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Ohh, now I see overflow box. You may be able to just replace the box rather than the whole tank. Tough to tell without pictures.


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The tank is one of the cheapest parts of the whole setup. Get a new one. There is no need to play around when your tank is compromised.