CRASH! - Don't go on Vacation!!


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Guys I'm so upset right now. Over the long weekend my top off went wacky and my salinity rose to well over 1.35, my anemone died and today when I came back home BAM! the tank is dead!

It doesn't look like it was too long since the RBTA had died so I'm hoping that some of the zoos and leather may have made it. ALL my sps is gone for, about $1000 worth and I'm in tears just thinking of it. I also may have lost my green sacro! AHHHH!

AHH! damn, tonight when I get home I'm going to do another water change and let things work itself out.

Unfortunately with school starting back up I don't have the $$ to replace anything, literally. I mean i want to but can't afford it.

I'm hoping I can get some locals to frag me off a couple things here and there. I'm just really bummed...



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That is why I ALWAYS have someone come over every other day when I am gone.

Sorry for the loss.


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I find this problem to be the worse part of reef keeping,
Can you comfortable go on vacation??


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I agree. This is the perfect hobby for workaholics who never take time off.

My gf and I are going to Brazil in December for 16 days and I and reading it already!



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Curious as to how your salinity raised that high? Did you evaporate that much water out while gone?


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Sorry to hear of your loss. I always worry about my tank when I'm gone even if I have relatives to check up on it every other day. I'm investing on a Neptune 3 so I can monitor everything via internet as well as a web camera for my own visual security;)


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Sorry about your loss. I have never lost anything due to a vacation(dont take many) but I have due to electrical issue's so I understand your pain


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you can go on vacation.

i have top off jugs ready with dates on them and when to just dump in. usually 2, 2g jugs is enough for 10 days