crazy thought


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Thought that title would cause you to open this thread. :wildone:

In any case, I was looking at my bow front this morning. I started thinking, why in the heck is the bow in the front of the tank. Wouldn't it be better if the back bowed out so that I could run the rocks along the bow?

When I was looking at the tank, I noticed that I naturally create rock patterns that bow towards the front corners of the tank. I do that to get more flow behind the rocks. If the tank was reversed (bow on the back), my natural tendency of placing the rocks in a bow pattern would be aligned with the bow in the back of the tank. It would seem more efficient. It would also likely allow the water to distribute more easily.

Of course, I can't do this because the back of my tank (flat side) is painted. And all equipment is more readily hung on a flat wall of the tank. That said, I wondered if anyone out there ever had this crazy idea.:uzi:


That's thinking outside the box... I like it. More like what large aquarium displays are like with added depth.


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I'd have to see one in person before I could decide if I liked it. Sounds like an awesome idea though, exp. for the corner of a room or in wall (due to the awkward side view possibility). I'll come check yours out when you set it up ;)


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And I thought I might have had an original idea. Thanks for blowing that for me. :blown: It might indeed look funny. I do think it would be more efficient in that direction as a reef tank.