Critique my sump design


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My display tank is 75 gallons. With the return pump off I calculated that 6.5 gallons will flow back down into the sump, so that's how I determined how high the baffles should be. I'll have my skimmer sitting on eggcrate; I have plenty of height above the sump for that.


Should my refugium/return divider be higher than my skimmer/return baffles or does that not matter?

I'm not going to have an ATO initially, so I was planning on the splitting the 23 inches I have for the skimmer and refugium, in half.


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As long as you have water draining or feeding the fuge the height of the fuge baffle will not matter. I assume the water will end up in the return box.


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I don't get the point of the pvc going from the bottom to the end and out a bulkhead. Are two tanks sharing this sump? I don't understand, but I can't see the entire sump from the pic.

looks like ok with me but im not a masster of sump designs
heres mine