Critter ID


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I know there's not much to look at in this photo but maybe someone has run into this before and might be able to ID it.
It's been living in a Meralina coral that has been in my tank for approx. 3 months now. I discovered it about a week after I placed the coral into the display. It hides out in a small hole no bigger than an 1/8 inch (if that). This little critter is so small that I have no idea what it is. I've never seen it come out of it's hiding spot which is one of the many bumps on this coral. I suppose it's like a cave to him.
The comical thing about this critter is that it spends all it's time just barley peeking out of the hole and passing back and forth a small grain of sand between it's tiny little pinchers. The pinchers are about the only thing I can identify and their so small that the grain of sand relates to the size of a basketball. It doesn't seem to be bothering the coral. The coral just seems to be growing around him.
I'm pretty sure it's some sort of crab but it must be a boring life just sitting in that hole passing the basketball back and forth.
Thanks George



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When rob was fragging a montipora danae, he found a hermit crab that lived in holes instead of using a shell. Not sure if this what you have, but it is a posibility.