critters from old orchard beach in Maine


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Well helped daughter put all what she found in tidal pools on beach in tank that had crashed because of all elecrical cords unpluged. Snails seem to be doing real well funny looking things they have two feelers like. Can I put some of these in my reef tank if we get them to live in this tank . She said where she gatherd them in the tidal pools water was real warm. Whats the difference in snails gathered on beach than the snails Tampa Bay Salt water sends us ? Got some white ones dark brown Baby urchins, Crabs . I just want some of the snails.


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Well first of all, the majority of snails out there are not something you want in a tank. Most are predators.

Second, these are not reef animals. Even though the water there is warm, these animals are not adapted to live at elevated temperatures for extended periods. Essentially their bodies bake bake in the sun, but they have special proteins that constantly repair the damage. Then they get a rest period when the cool water comes back. When you put them in water that's constantly warm, there's no rest period and their repair mechanisms eventually wear out and the damage from the heat accumulates. They would last for a few months maybe in a reef tank.


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Thanks greenbean i thought the temp change would be issue but she waned to try anyway as far as preditor what do they eat fish corals .


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