Croc Hunter DEAD!


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Thats a ***** man! He was the man. Definatley I thank for getting me into loving animals.

I cant belive it.


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That suck soo bad. The report I read says they are still trying to get a hold of his wife who is hiking somehwere in BFE. :sad2:


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He's gone, what a bummer!

It's ironic to think he wrestled 12 foot crocs but was killed by a stingray


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Holy moly, that sucks. I used to watch his shows when he was at his prime.

Don;t stingrays do that only when they are extremely agitated?


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That's really sad to see that happened. His wholelife was delicated to animals and was killed by an animal.



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He swam too close and was above the ray, and the ray got him with a poisonous barb that went right through the ribcage and directly into his heart, so the poison killed him before they could do a thing. It was just a freak accident.


Man!!! This sux.... I remember staying up late all stoned out of my mind just to watch Crocktober Files on the discovery channel....


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I thought he would die of a snake bite one day. I've never heard of anyone dying from a stingray. Weird.


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strange death, but it's happened before. i feel bad for his family but i always thought he would one day be killed by an animal. still very sad.


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The ironic part is that he was filming the Worlds Deadliest Animals,
deadly alright. Why risk your life.
My condollenses go out to his wife and his children.