Crocea and Moorish Idols


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hi to everyone,

has anyone ever kept Tridacnid Crocea clams with Moorish Idol fishes ?

Just wanted to know. I have another similar thread spawned in the Advanced Topics Forum, however I wanted to hear from the friends in this Forum too.
I can't comment on the clams at all.....but I feel I must comment on the Moorish Idol. Unfortunately, this fish has a horrible track record in the aquarium. Just about every thread I have read about idols, the ending is the same, the fish dies. I will urge you not to waste your money and a fishes life, and buy something else like a tang.......
The only (and I mean ONLY) time I've ever seen Idols doing well was in a group of 4 in a large tank 300gal I think. There's a Butterfly that looks alot like them and does well in captivaty but unfortunetly Im having a brainfart so I can't remember the name right now:confused:

Heniocus I think
Yo Clamlover got good news!
Sanjay Joshi has a Heniocus in his reef tank (yes there's a clam in it). You can see it in the back ground at under Sanjay Joshi's tank. It's in the first pic. Hope this helps.
Sorry scrach that. Heniocus are in the his Penn State reef and clam's in his home reef. I'll still try to get more info though!
I looked at those pics and those tanks make me sick to my stomach. Now my tank looks like a rock-curing vat or something compared to theirs. :D

Bannerfish like the one in the link are very similar to moorish idols without the worry.....excellent choice!
Moorish Idol what a beautiful fish! I tried one once and he live for about 8 months in a 240 gallon fish only tank that I had. He ate everything, brine, flake, bloodworms, lifeline and his favorite what clam cubes! I personally would not try that combo.