croceas on their sides...

Ron Popeil

Love them clownfish.
this may be a silly question thats been asked a dozen or so times, and if so, i apologize.
but the question is i have two croceas that are on my sandbed of a 50 gallon tank. they are under a 400w metal halide with a 20k bulb. the clams refuse to stay upright, instead they constantly fall to their sides. is this a normal and non problematic habit or is the light they are under too bright? i know they should be on rock work, but the structures i have up, dont really allow room for them right now, at least not anywhere where my clowns wouldnt push them off, or be in the way of an anemone. i have a squamosa on my sandbed, sitting up right and it hasnt moved in the two weeks ive had it.

so....what are some suggestions?

thank you for your help.
Re: croceas on their sides...

Ron Popeil said:
i know they should be on rock work

You just answered your question, but if you have a nice flat rock or a shell or something similar they will attach and then you can put wherever you want.

I have a maxima who likes eggcrate:D

but why would they go on their sides? they still have full extension, but just....lay themselves flat.

i placed one of my clams on a small piece of rock, and kept it in the sandbed, and it attatched very tightly, but then....released from it unexpectedly. more than likely this was due to the stress of my tank rupturing and the stress of switching tank to tank to tank.
Im a newbie to clams but I think I can answer it.
Every morning when I get up I switch on my NO a wake up call to my tanks inhabitants...then head off to the shower.
A couple or mornings ago I switched them on and watched for awhile.
My Clam started going thru these violent spasms, sucking in water and shooting it out forcefully.
In an attempt to expell waste and debris is my the only reason I could think of.
These convulsions were very forsefully and slightly tilted my clam to the side.
After a few days it was on its side.

There ya have it.
NO lights

NO lights

Pardon the ignorance, but What are NO lights?
Have you any experience with 'moonlight'?
Is it possible to keep that on through out the night ?