CSXC-1 Hydroponic Chiller review


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I'm running a Red Sea Max Nano (20g) tank with Prime HD lights. I picked up the CSXC-1 Hydroponic Chiller made by Chill Solutions. I like to keep my tank at around 78 degrees. Without the chiller the highest it has reached outside of summer season was 82 degrees.


- built in temp sensor and controller
- easy to setup
- quiet
- it works (to a certain degree as advertised)

- a bit larger than I expected. It has to be left in a ventilated area so its clearly visible.
- the power brick get extremely hot. Was using 3M mounting velcro strips but the heat melted the adhesive off.
- it can't cool the tank to desired temp if ambient temp is too high. Recently we had a 90+ degree weather when I was out. Therefore no AC was on in the house. Although the chiller was on, it could not bring the tank temp below 81 degrees.

Verdict: After using the chiller for 2 weeks now for my size tank I'm satisfied. I need to plan better for 90+ degree weather by making sure my AC turns on.

On a side note:
I did buy the installation kit without the pump. I connected the chiller to my return pump. I did have to buy hose adapters. Chiller uses 1/2" ID but my return pump is 3/4" ID. The plastic clamps that came with the installation kit didn't seem reliable therefore I used zipties. The U-bend and the vinyl tubing was worth the purchase of the installation kit. I did not buy the wall mount. Currently I mounted the chiller using the 3M velcro strip (strongest one).
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wow.. so it's a CPU cooler with controller($20) on a ceramic thermoelectric plate ($10) with a LCD displayed temp($10).. and some fittings/tubing inside a plastic case ($10)...for $220...

which is why it wont work well(at all) when the ambient temp is higher than your desired temp.

I'm pretty sure I could make some of those.... The mark up isn't horrible considering most manufacturing cost to msrp is within that range... but it's pretty simple so usually it doesn't get marked up so high for something simple to make.