Cubish tank for sale 36x36x24


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I have a Truvu 36X36x24 inch cube tank that I'm tearing down. Tank was set up in 6/2002. It has a right back corner overflow with a 1.5 inch bulkhead. It has a few scratches here and there but overall is in great shape.
Here are a few pics from when it was first setup:



The stand has a front door on it now.
I don't have any current pics because quite frankly I'm saddened by the current state of the tank and not having enough time to keep it up which has resulted in a large loss of my SPS.
Here is a shot of the tank when it has seen better days:

The sump is also made by Truvu.
There is an acrylic pan under the sump that holds a couple gallons of water should you have a little mishap.
The stand was made by myself and my brother-in-law.
I will include the tank, sump, acrylic pan, stand, and canopy for $500.
I'll add in the Auto topoff system which includes a 7 gallon acrylic container and Mag 2, kalkreactor with Mag 5 to mix for $125.
Ampmaster 3000 with heavy duty seal for $125
Ultralife 16 watt UV sterilizer, have an extra quartz sleeve for $50.
Take it all for $650.


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yeah the tank is 24 high, the stand is also that high. the canopy top sits about 12 inches over the water.


Hi Ben. I pm'd about the UV. Is it mine? It wasn't clear on the reply. Either way, I'll see you Wed.



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Sweet. I'm very interested :D We need a tank for our office, and this looks to be perfect for what Randy and the staff want to keep :D


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Cool. Hope it works out.
I saw your arctipods at dolphin pet yesterday. Was tempted to try some but I still have some cyclopeeze that I have to use up first. Almost got the tigger pods to seed my tank but had to pass on those also.


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Here's the pic.
The opening is 22 inches wide by 18 inches deep. It starts 6 inches from the front.



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Rich, I just need to talk to Randy and see it first. I'm very interested :lol: Er, I should say, we're very interested. The office has been asking me every day for months for a tank, I gotta get one now. :D


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You "just" built an inwall tank area Rich what are you going to do with another tank? You just asking for your wife to leave you?? :)


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Gresham is right - I am very interested in it for our office. I'll ask Gresham to take a look at it and if it works for our space, make the deal :)


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Back off Randy! :D I saw it 4th! :D

Mike, I want to redo the cuttle system with a cube to take up less space. :)