CUC and equipment question?


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How many hermits and how many snails would be good for my 90g fowlr?

I have about 15-20g in the sump, 120LBS of LR and 100lbs of LS I assume I still have about 90g total volume after the LR and LS displacement.

I don't want to over do it, but I also don't want to little and end up with an inefficient CUC

Also my tank has been cycling for about a month had its spike and now the water parameters showing to be perfect.

8.2 ph
0 ammonia
0 nitrites
0 nitrates
no livestock in tank at the moment. (although I think I might have a gorilla crab in my hiding in my LR)

When should I start running my Skimmer and UV? I have them both setup, but not running as I have been told not to run them during the cycle so they wouldn't kill or remove the beneficial bacteria. Since my cycle seems to be over should I start running these now?


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come on, really could use some advice here.
My LFS is telling my to go with 50-70 hermits and about 30 snails.. this just sounds like way to many, but maybe it isn't help me out.

el Deutche

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sorry, I can't help you. What does "bump" mean. I've seen it in other threads. Incase this might help, I have about 25 hermits and 15-20 snails in my 55gal reef


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bump = to bump the thread back to the top so it will be seen and not lost in back pages.

Thanks for the try, but i need to now a general amount for a 90g ^^

C. Friesen

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YOur LFS isn't far off. I would reverse the order though and get more snails than hermit crabs. The reason being the hermits will start killing the crabs off for their shells as they grow unless you provide pllenty of extra shells for them. I wiould get the blue legged hermit crabs or micro crabs as they stay small. A variety of snails would be good. turbo grazers(eat the algae and some detritus)) and Nassarius snails (eat the detritus and clean sand). Hermit crabs will eat algae, detritus and excess food.

Hope this helps you out. If you get too much detritus on your rocks you can have issues with cyano bacteria and nuisance algaes as your nitrates etc go up.

I know, from personal experience, I need to get additional snails as I am having a bit of a cyano problem right now due to a slight build up of detritus on my rocks.

Best of luck,