curing live rock


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does anyone know if i can cure my live rock in my tank. i'm just starting it and i would like to know what kind of rock and maybe where to get it from and the process thanks


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I wouldnt recommend curing it in your display if your doing a reef, There is going to be alot of hitchhickers that your not going to want in there . If your going to bye uncured rock let it cure in a storage bin container with water flow & skimming for at least 4 to 6 weeks. As far as where to buy it there is alot of rc sponsors that can hook you up & pretty fair.


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I would cycle the tank using a powerfilter before you start putting the live rock in. Subjecting that live rock to the perils of ammonia just does not seem right to me. Can always take the media out of the powerfilter later on down the road and use it for flow.