Custom Sump Builders


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Can anyone recommend a good builder for a custom acrylic sump?

Synergy is the only one I'm aware of.



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Lifereef! Amazing sumps. You just have to be willing to wait 4-5 months (Jeff is so good that he is that busy). He will do whatever custom acrylic work needed.


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Melev's Reef. Reasonably priced and I think he's running only 30 days out - maybe faster if you ask for one of his stock models.


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I had one made for me by Elegant Reef here in San Antonio. Not sure who did the actual fabrication...but it was done completely to my specs. Louis at the shop talked with me about what I wanted, sent me some well-done drawings,my hen made changes as requested. I think it only took about 2 weeks and I picked it up here locally. You might give him a call since you're not that no shipping ��


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I used Trigger Systems to build my sump. Came out great. Took roughly 5 weeks if I remember correctly. They are located in Dallas, I beleive
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