Customer feedback from Atlanta this week


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So all my live rock came in from and I could not be happier with it! I got the 20 gallon package for my 35 gallon tank. That came with 40 lbs of live rocks (6 rocks total) and 20 lbs of live sand, and then I added another 15 lbs of live sand to the order for a total of 35 lbs of sand. I'll spare all the details about how I set everything up and just tell you what I got in on the rock.
4 Black Sea Urchins
3 Porcelain Crabs (3 of my favorites)
Couple Hermits crabs and snails
Several pink, orange, black, green sponges
Tunicates (Orange, pink, purple/maroon, red)
Feather Dusters
Spaghetti Worms
Tube/Cup Corals
Cotton Tip Coral
Keyhole Limpets
Live barnacles over almost all the rocks
Rocks are all covered in Coralline Algae
A Pistol Shrimp (somewhere/I'll remove later when it gets bigger)
Gorilla Crabs (Few hiding in holes which will be removed when bigger)

20 Hermits
20 Snails
2 Peppermint Shrimp
1 Serpent Starfish
1 Brittle Starfish
Orange Sponges
Red Sponges
Yellow Ball Sponge
Candelabra Gorgonian with a Basket Starfish hitchhiking (Another of my favorites)
Flower Anemone (My GF's favorite)

I've only had the rocks for a week and a half and every day I'm finding new things, new creatures, new life. Next month this list could double.. Richard was very nice, his customer service was great and I can't say enough good things about his product and how happy I am. The ammonia hasn't even risen above .50 and unless something dies, which is usually inevitable even though I took great care in putting the rocks in without much out of water time at all I doubt it will rise. If it does, water change. Anybody thinking about rocks, I'd say give tbsaltwater a go. I'll post some pictures and if you want to see something I listed that I didn't post a picture of send me a pm.