Cutting acrylic with hand saw?


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Here is the problem:
I bought the AquaFuge type HOB refugium, large - 25"L, and found it unfitting to my circumstances (link to another thread).

Selling it for almost nothing as used (it was new 3 days ago) - too big loss, trying to find any use for it.

I thought, if cut the top off below the level of the drilled holes, it will allow me use it with U-tubes, this will eliminate noise.

The problem is that it has multiple glued in pieces of acrylic, from 1/4" to thicker - I have to cut through this all without damaging and scratching the main body of the fuge. Is it doable?

The only sturdy flat surface I have, is the kitchen counter (chipboard tables, connected by screws, are weak). No big woodworking vice, attached to the counter, of course. May use one human to hold the fuge, while I'm sawing. What use for sawing? Have Japanese and western woodworking hand saws, hacksaw, and rotary tool (Dremel like) with diamond disk. But the last will not last long on this thickness and amount of acrylic, it melts plastic instead of cutting, and replacing it is not an option - here they are very expensive.

Doable or forget about it?