Cyano cause????


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Other than phosphates can an outbreak of cyano be caused by a shift in spectrum from compact flourescent lighting getting close to the end of its useable life???


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I notice some green film like agae growing on my back glass when my bulbs are after there life span for a reef.
I got rid of my diatoms by increasing the flow with more/larger powerheads and turkey basting off everything a few times a day.

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IMO lighting would only be a small part. You probably have excess nutrients and areas of low flow
I also believe since cyno is a bacteria I will add some liquid bacteria supplement

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I've had outbreaks of that as well as excessive algae bloom, last mine is improving, I now am tapping up with distiller water, trying to reduce feeding, skipping a day at least twice a week.

Carefully watch what your putting into the aquarium, systematic changes may isolate the Delma, go slowly.

Are some cleanups chemiclean does wonders, best to find the cause, again mines looking a lot better now.


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It's bacteria. It eats carbon, water, and sunlight. It's generally present. It prefers slightly odd spectrum sunlight, ergo when your bulbs are burning out of date, here it comes. Also if you have sunlight hitting your tank at some part of the day.

It doesn't really hurt anything per se, gives off oxygen, but in large amounts, it can smother corals and prevent them from feeding.

To get rid of it, lights out, tank shrouded for 3 days (4 if really awful) a good skimmer working to remove waste, and then 1 day of actinic-only to let the corals wake up gently. (they can sunburn, otherwise.)


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Thanks for the tips everyone. Sk8r, definatley appreciate your input on this. I've read a ton of your posts and I have yet to find anything that isn't extremely helpful. I did the lights out for three days the first time cyano hit and apparently I should have went four days then too. Since then I have doubled my water changes and am working on setting up a fuge to help with export. Don't really have room for GFO or skimmer but im working on it. Also cut my feeding down to minimal. Anything else you can think of?