cyano- chemiclean or not


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having a battle with dreaded red slime. have done basics.removing what i can,less feeding,carbon, gfo, less light, & water changes. anyone have any
bad experence with chemiclean or other red slime removers?
not everywhere yet. just on parts of sand & a rock or two
have lots of flow.need help


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No bad experiences here. No good ones either. I believe you when you say you tried everything, but if it's not rampant throughout the tank I wouldn't resort to chemiclean. I prefer the lights out method personally, not that it really makes a difference. Theyre both temporary solutions IMO and unless you solve the root cause you'll continue to be plagued by the cyano. is it a new tank? sometimes new tanks go through a cyano outbreak.

Randy Holmes-Farley

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The Blue Life red slime remover is an antibiotic that will work. I've used it myself. But it is temporary, and and if you change nothing else, it will eventually come back.


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thanks guys. i will keep on with what im doing now & try to eliminate the cause. tank is about 7months old upgraded from 75


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If you have to resort to chemical warfare with it, I would stick to Randy's sugestion for product to use. I have used chemiclean and shortly after using it per directions, 4 of my GINORMIS(3" dia.) turbos croked. I don't guarantee that the chemiclean killed them, but the fingers have been pointed!