cycling a biowheel for a qt


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sorry for the repost, but didn't want to bump a hijacked thread.

i have an eclipse 6gal w/ the integrated filtration. how can i prep the biowheel in it? it's not a HOB system, so i can't just throw it on the main.

i have a cpr bakpak hob skimmer, and my lfs suggested trying to see if the biowheel would fit in the return chamber there. would that work? i'm developing quite a bit of distrust for the lfs.


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Not sure what your asking?

Any mature bio filter media can be used in a QT .... no rocket science to getting mature bio filter media .. just drop it in the main tank and let it perculate (2-3 weeks minimum). Many aquarist use plain jane foam filter media and tuck them in the sump or behind LR ... after they mature they use them in an inexpensive power filter in the QT.

BTW a six gallon tank is too small ... spend $10 and buy a ten gallon tank at any petco/petsmart.


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so a biowheel doesn't act any differently than regular filter media? they tout it as something wonderful and magical.