CYCLING PROBLEM.......High Nitrates


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hey cycling a new tank with some dry rock and previous live that were both in vinegar bath.

Its been 2 weeks since i put a piece of calamari
tests show About:
Ammonia 1ppm
Nitrite 5ppm
Nitrate 5-20ppm

Using the api freshwater kit........

Was wondering \why nitrites and ammonia havent zero'd out ***?

should i remove the calamari? too much ammonia?
(its a big piece about 1.5x1.5")


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Just be patient. They'll go down eventually.

Don't sweat the nitrate reading. Nitrite will fool a nitrate test and make it read way high. Since you still see nitrite in your tank the nitrate test is probably reading high.

Dr. Reef

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i agree with David, tank is cycling still and will take time some times months. Be patient and test every 3-4 days till first 2 readings go back down to 0.

billy mitchell

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Use test kit API for nitrates and reads maybe point 1-2mg/l
use tetra test kit and reading is between 50-100 mg/l
big difference
any hints from anyone
tank at end of cycle and cleanup crew have it looking like new