cycling question


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My tank has been cycling for 2 weeks on sunday. I tested amonia last night for the first time and none were detected. Nitrates were between 20 - 40 .
a couple days ago i put a cromis in there and ive been feeding the tank. Is it wierd that the amonia is so low so fast? I used dead rock and one piece of live rock from a friends tank. my sand was dead i think. Sand was still wet in buckets from my recent tank break down. Ive also been dosing brightwells micro-bacter 7.


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Not too unusual. Ammonia can drop this fast sometimes. It might be due to the bacteria from the one piece of live rock you put in or some bacteria still living in the sand that has been still wet in buckets.

I'm not sure about how well micro-bacter 7 works but I've heard good things about most of Brightwell's products.


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There's probably not much organic matter decaying, so the results aren't that surprising. Sounds fine to me.