Damaged Toadstool Question


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In the process of transport, our XL Toadstool's bag must have burst. It was bagged 1.5 days & I don't know when it happened.

It's been in the tank for 1 day now & some of the coral looks like it may make it b/c it has little dimples all over it like it used to when the lights had been out. The outside edge & about 30% of the top looks like mush & it starting to separate. We put it in a lower flow area so that it won't effect the other corals as much.

Would it be best to try to cut the dead stuff off or let nature take its course?



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Run some carbon, make sure your skimmer is up to snuff.

If you're sure that a section is not going to make it go ahead and cut it off.

The portions that are still looking good right now stand a very good chance of making it.


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I agree cutting off the mush is a must. Bacteria thrives on dead tissue. I would cut off the dead parts about 1/2" into the good tissue. I also would recomend puting it into a high flow area. This seems to help reduce the strength of some bacteria such as Vibrio.


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Make sure you do this OUT of the tank..and rinse in a bowl or bucket of tank water before putting back in the tank. Take care for yourself as well...leathers have some nasty toxins.

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Personally, I'd cut off the entire head...then let it grow back. Doesn't take long. Then cut the good tissue from the head away from the diseased section and make a couple of frags just in case the disease is down into the stalk. I've seen these go fast if you don't get enough of the diseased tissue off. I agree with Waterfaller...do it outside the tank and don't let the water anywhere that a child or animal can drink from it. Wear gloves and eyewear as they sometimes squirt. If you have a coral dip or lugols I'd make a mild solution to dip the toadstool into before placing back in the tank. GL, Marcye


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Thanks for the advice. I don't think I cut enough off initially. Now the whole top is peeling off. It's good to know that I can cut it to the stalk, it seems that is what I will have to do.