Damsel from #$@%


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Good evening to all,

Have been trying to get my Domino Damsel out of my 75gal reef tank now for a couple of weeks. I just got a "Trap" from Foster & Smith a few days ago...every fish EXCEPT the Damsel has gone in. Is there any special type of food that would intice him to go into the trap. Please Help!!!

Thanks, Jim


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drain the water WAY down, that way he'll have only a few places to hide.

Use piece(s) of acrilic to make the areas smaller.

Otherwise use soap.


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This may work for you. I got my damsel out using this method. Leave a net in yourtank for a day or two to get the fish used to it. When you are ready to try to get them out put some brine shrimp ine the net. Keep the net close to the glass so you can trap him when he goes near the net. Good luck!!!!


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I've had to remove ALL my rocks from my 90g to catch the little bastards! My dumba$$ did this TWICE!!!!! I can be thickheaded!


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Damsels are tough. I took all the rocks out of my 30 gallon and still couldn't find him. I'm looking around the tank and I hear something, the little guy darted into a rock and I took the rock out and put it on a towel. He was flopping around on the floor so I scooped him up and drove to my LFS to make a donation.


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Just bite the bullet, take out the rock, and catch the little bugger. I tried for over a week, all kinds of crazy methods, to get out a yellow tail damsel. Removed the rock and had him in five minutes, with nowhere to hide.

It was a pain, but it would have saved me plenty of time in the long run had I done this at first.


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The consensus, and I agree with personal experience, is to remove the rocks and start chasing with the net.


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the thing that i've done in the past is to remove them at night. find out where he "sleeps" and then just get him out at nihgt time. may take you several tries to do this, but it worked for me.


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take out the rock its the least stressfull thing messing with the tank 24/7 to catch a fish you can not catch is just pointless. damn-sels


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Here's what I did to get my damsel out: I didn't feed them for a day and a half then I fed them at night with the tank lights off and the room very dim. I fed them spirulina flakes which float at the top and sprinkled them on one side of the tank. I stood on the other side of the tank and when the fish came to the top to devour the food - I netted him from behind. HTH.


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:lol: good one, bigyankfan! :lol:
i had 3 of them when i first started SW 17+ yrs ago. i called them DAMNSELS! and i think everyone here agrees, or at least i hope most do, especially if youve ever had one.