Damsels and Bimacs?


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Well Im getting a bimac this week for my 35g hex from FFexpress. I cycled the tank with shrimp for 3+ weeks then when the Amm was 0 and the nitrite was < 1.0. (Current readings Amm, Nitrite 0, Nitrate ~ 20 ppm. At that point I added 3 damsels thinkng they would add to the bacteria population and then when I added the bimac the damsels would be food. Will the damsels go after the bimac? If this is the case I'll remove them.

Damsels can be very aggressive, you should definitly take them out. An octopus can easily defend against a damsel nipping at its arms, but this is the last thing you want for an octopus who is already very stressed from being shipped. Have fun catching the guys, its hard work. I had to remove 4 of them from my tank.

yep, I second it....

Take em out, in the last year several people have had problems with them and cephs together.