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Anybody using DC skimmer or return pumps. If so is there any noticeable difference in power savings and noise reduction.


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I just replaced my return pump with a DC3000. It's dead silent and saves me about 20w over my previous return pump.

I'm trying to find a pin wheel impeller for the 3000 so I can replace my sedra 3500 and I'll go to the DC-6000 for my return.

Aqua Man 07

fastest reefer on 2wheels
Nice I am looking at the 6000 for my return. And a DC skimmer just want to see if there is any significant reduction in power and noise

Vinny Kreyling

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Used to run an Iwaki 70 @ 265 Watts
Bigger tank now, DC 10000 pump & using 76 Watts, 96 Watts @ max.
Very quiet & NO heat transfer.
A WIN WIN in my book.
Can't speak for skimmers.


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My current ac return pump is 88 watts which equals a cost running it 24/7/365 at around $27 - $30 per year.

Unless my math is wrong......