DC8 Problem


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Here is the deal, yesterday I went to work and all seemed fine. Today when the lights were suppose to come on. The lights controlled by the dc8 did not but the lights hooked up to the x10's did. So I checked things out and found there to be no power at the dc8 (1-8) Being that this is a used dc8 (less than a year old) I figured there was not going to be a warranty any how, I took it apart (bottom plate) and checked the fuse. The fuse is still good, at least visually. So I put it back together and hooked it all back up. The green led on the side lights up but that is it, no power anywere else. When I hooked everything back up to the x10, everything started to work again. Any ideas????
It does sound like the fuse had/has a problem. Maybe the wire in the fuse is not soldered well to the end cap. I recommend replacing it. If the DC8 can propogate commands, then the internal circuitry and processor is working.