DEA regulates Lugol's and Iodine

Warner Marine

New member

Effective 8-1-07 any solution or mixer containing 5%+ Iodine will be regulated by the DEA.

Basically what this means is that:

1) Retail packaged Lugol's Solution 5% will only be available in ONE ounce sizes.

2) Distributors OR Manufacturers who sell Lugol's Solution must register with the Federal Government (DEA) AND follow Federal Record Keeping requirements per CSA.

3) Products containing less than 2.2% Iodine will not be regulated so expect to see 2.2% Iodine Solutions on the market.

4) The subject of the regulation is Iodine crystals (sublimed I) which are being used in Narcotic manufacturing. Potassium Iodide/Sodium Iodide, etc are not affected.