Death to HA!!


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Hello everyone!
I have a 180 SPS tank that is having/had a pretty bad hair algae problem due to RO/DI problems, which raised my phosphates considerably. I fixed the problem and now i've gotten my phosphates to .02. I then spent 6 HOURS hand plucking as much of it as i could. My thinking was the abundance of hair algae was consuming most of the phosphate.
My question is... should/ could i cut the lights off for a couple of days just to "finish" it up? And if i do, will it affect my SPS by not having light for those days? I've read of people doing this but thought i would pose the question myself. Would i also have to re-acclimate the corals to the light after being off for a couple of days? Thanks in advance for any replies!


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I'm no pro, but from past experience I think you should just mow it down, pluck it down, do what ever you need too in oreder to get it short. Then have a good clean-up crew. They should polish it off. They won't touch it though if it's long.


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get a couple sea hares. I once had alot of HA and got a sea hare and in less then a week it was all gone.